Waterloo Wind Farm officially opened

Roaring 40s’ Waterloo Wind Farm, located near the Clare Valley in South Australia, has been officially opened by South Australian Premier Mike Rann.

The farm’s total maximum generating capacity of 111 megawatts is generated by 37 Vestas V90 3 MW turbines stretching over the 18 km wind farm site, and connected through a 33 kilovolt internal reticulation network to the wind farm substation.

Full generation at the farm was achieved on 3 October 2010, which had the resulting effect of total generation from wind farms exceeding 1,000 MW in South Australia.

According to Mr Rann, renewable energy now provides 18.8 per cent of South Australia’s power requirements and is planned to reach 33 per cent by 2020.

The Premier also said that two more wind farms were on the way for the mid-north of South Australia.

With the completion of the Waterloo Wind Farm, Roaring 40s has four operational wind farms across both South Australia and Tasmania.

The Waterloo Wind Farm will produce enough green energy to power more than 46,000 homes over 20 years, according to Roaring 40s.

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