Tigo Energy and Solar Juice distribution partnership

Smart module producer Tigo Energy has announced a distribution partnership with Australian distributor Solar Juice to carry Tigo Energy’s retrofit optimiser product and Tigo optimised smart modules.

These modules feature Tigo Energy’s optimiser built directly into the module junction box, requiring no extra boxes to install, according to Solar Juice.

Solar Juice co-founder Andrew Burgess says, “We are excited to announce this strategic partnership with Tigo Energy to bring their advanced optimisation solutions to the rapidly growing Australia market.

“Australia is one of the top five markets in the world for module-level power electronics and we’re excited to partner with the world-leader in this space to better address our customer’s needs.”


According to Solar Juice, Tigo Energy’s technology is a leading open-architecture solution in the solar optimisation space. The Tigo solution works with any inverter giving customers the full range of options for their design and installation preferences. Tigo’s technology incorporates module-level maximum power point tracking, providing superior design flexibility, shade tolerance, and increased energy harvest. The technology enhances system safety with remote and automatic shutdown at the module-level and enables monitoring of every module in the array.

Tigo Energy Australia General Manager Jeff Routledge says Tigo Energy has been active in Australia for the last four years and has demonstrated a strong track record of growth on top of its reputation for good customer service and product reliability.

“We are pleased to partner with Australia’s distribution leader to further grow our efforts here and to help drive solar to even greater adoption in this market,” says Mr Routledge.

To learn more about Tigo Energy, visit the website.

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