Old brewery site’s sustainable revamp

Sydney’s old Carlton United Brewery site is set to become a bustling and low-emission hub for residents, business and the community, under a redevelopment, which includes the planned installation of an onsite trigeneration plant.

A mix of homes, retail, cultural and commercial space will make Central Park an animated and accessible urban quarter with an ambitious sustainability agenda.

Outlined in the development’s concept plan is the target to achieve net zero greenhouse emissions (CO2 equivalent) for operational energy use.

A key feature of the development will be an onsite natural gas-fired trigeneration plant, which will provide power, heating and cooling.

Project developer, Frasers Property Australia, has said that with other sustainability initiatives – including design efficiency, smart metering and solar powered lighting in public spaces – this will achieve substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Frasers worked with Elton Consulting Group and the Institute for Sustainable Futures to submit the development’s concept plan in 2008 in which the Sustainability Report outlined that a suitable trigeneration configuration for Central Park could have the following characteristics:

  • Use of natural gas as the primary fuel source
  • Three reciprocating gas engines for power and heat generation, with space provided for installation of a fourth engine in the future if required
  • An absorption chiller, with either a cooling tower or geothermal heat exchange or both, to shed waste heat
  • Chilled and hot water storage to balance peak thermal loads
  • Construction and operation of the facility to be contracted out, with ownership by the contractor, a commercial tenant, Frasers, or a combination.

Frasers received recognition at the 2009 Urban Development Institute of Australia’s NSW Awards in September for its re-imagination of the old CUB site on Sydney’s Broadway.

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