Construction of the Grasmere facility started in 2010 as an extension to Albany’s existing wind turbines, which have been operating since 2001.

Grasmere’s six new ENERCON 2.3 MW turbines, combined with Albany’s existing 21.6 MW capacity, will produce a total of 35.4 MW from the single site.

“In total, Grasmere will generate 43.5 GWh of electricity each year, which is enough to offset more than 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide while supplying 80 per cent of Albany’s annual electricity on average,” Mr Collier said.

Mr Collier added that while Grasmere’s new turbines are the same dimensions as the original Albany turbines (65 m towers, three 35 m-long blades), they produce 30 per cent more output due to subtle changes in blade design.

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“Verve Energy has delivered this project on-time and on-budget, and added significantly to one of the southwest’s most popular tourist attractions.”

Each year, approximately 200,000 tourists visit the Albany Wind Farm. Verve Energy is the owner and operator of the farm.