Geothermal board movements and project progress

Panax Geothermal has appointed Stephen Evans as its new chairman, replacing Greg Martyr, who has retired.

Mr Evans is the Managing Director of an Adelaide-based accounting firm, RJC Evans & Co, which was established in 1920.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in advising small, medium and large corporations in relation to tax, accounting, financial and business matters.

In other geothermal industry news, Geodynamics have released the results of their first and second ‘open-flow’ testings at their newest well, Habanero 4, in the Cooper Basin.

The testing involves flowing water through the well to test how hot, and under what kind of pressure, the resulting flow comes out.

The results from the first test are: 35 kilograms of water per second at 4,200 pounds per square inch of pressure (psi) – nearly 300 times sea level atmospheric pressure, or, 4 times the pressure of a natural gas pipeline.

The results from the second test are: 38 kilograms of water per second at 4,200 (psi).

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Geodynamics Geoff Ward said “This is the highest productivity result achieved at the Habanero location and confirms our view of the quality of the Habanero 4 well.”

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