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September/October 2012

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Clean energy industry leaders detail their carbon pricing outlook

Now that the Federal Government’s clean energy legislation package is in effect, how will it impact the attractiveness of renewable energy investment in Australia? Ernst & Young’s Mathew Nelson, Oceania Leader for Climate Change and Sustainability Services, and Jomo Owusu, Associate Director of Infrastructure Advisory, talk to key players about how the clean energy industry will evolve in the new carbon economy.

Clean energy’s own stock exchange gains momentum

At the end of 2011, EcoGeneration reported on the establishment of the SIM Venture Securities Exchange for Australasian clean technology companies. The exchange has since launched several offerings to the market, raising millions of dollars for the companies involved.

Learning wind lessons from our neighbour

What are the ingredients that have led to the successful growth of New Zealand‘s wind energy industry, and its ability to expand to international operations? New Zealand Wind Energy Association Chief Executive Eric Pyle explains.

Fuelling the expansion of the bioenergy sector out West

Following the success of its demonstration facility in Karratha, Western Australia, biotechnology company Aurora Algae will invest $300 million to build a full-scale commercial facility at the site in order to produce and export biodiesel and other green products. Melanie Ryan reports.

The nuts and bolts of securing wind power

Joachim Santen, Wind Power Growth Manager, HYTORC Wind LLC

Industrial bolt provider HYTORC explains the lessons it has learned from its four decades of providing the hydraulic, pneumatic and torque tools that make wind energy projects a reality.

United States sails ahead with biofuels in the mix

Biofuels could be the future of maritime fuel infrastructure for major entities like the United States Navy, which is increasing its purchase and use of advanced biofuels and assisting the Australian Navy to explore its biofuel options.

The rise and fall of Australian carbon emissions

The latest Clean Energy Index Report from Australian consulting, engineering and management services firm pitt&sherry tells a bittersweet story of rising emissions, and simultaneously falling electricity consumption across the nation. pitt&sherry’s Principal Consultant for Climate Change, Phil Harrington, explains the data behind these trends.

Solar power heats up a high, hilly region

Northern India is renowned for its mountainous landscape. The country’s solar companies are rising to new heights to try and improve the installation of solar heating systems in remote, high-altitude areas, with some promising results.

Macroalgae:  from the sea to the sky

What better use for a swathe of disused land than to develop it into a source of clean jet fuel? Such is the rationale behind a biofuels project at James Cook University that was recently granted $5 million in Federal Government funding.

Analysed: the financial and economic benefits of wind energy

How many jobs are created by building and maintaining wind farms? How much money could a wind farm contribute to a state’s gross product? These questions and more are answered in a new study demonstrating the direct economic benefits of Australian wind projects.

Getting smart about the grid

ALSTOM’s Dr Lawrence Jones recently visited Australia and New Zealand to provide local stakeholders with a global perspective on integrating clean energy in smart grids. EcoGeneration caught up with Dr Jones during his time Down Under.

Clean energy funding enters a new ARENA

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency officially commenced operation on 1 July 2012. Soon after, it released a draft of its general funding strategy till 2015. EcoGeneration reviews the Agency’s progress to date and how its funding strategy is expected to develop over coming months.

Renewing Australia’s energy mix with ocean power

Wave power alone could meet Australia’s electricity needs five times over. So says CSIRO’s Dr Peter Osman, who – together with a team of researchers from the Wealth from Oceans Flagship – compiled the recently-released study investigating the potential and future capacity of marine energy in Australia.

Taking offshore wind from prototype to project

An international joint venture is moving its floating offshore wind energy generation project to an advanced funding stage in anticipation of large-scale deployment, after its prototype testing at the end of 2011 proved successful.

CSIRO researches solar intermittency solutions

In a year-long study funded by the Australian Solar Institute, CSIRO joined with the Australian Energy Market Operator and the Energy Networks Association to generate a report looking into one of the biggest concerns around solar energy; solar intermittency.

New Zealand: a growing force in wind

The New Zealand Wind Energy Association says that wind power could provide 20 per cent of New Zealand’s electricity needs by 2030, if investment of approximately $NZ300 million per annum is made. What can Australia learn from this vision? EcoGeneration finds out.

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