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November/December 2011

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Our future twin pillars: wind and solar

By Dr David R. Mills

Solar and wind are the world’s largest energy resources and are effectively permanent. They also emit no carbon dioxide. If wind and solar could be modeled to run the United States alone, then adding other resources such as hydro or conventional geothermal would only improve matters since these are low-cost (though limited) resources.

The energy revolution needed for the Asia-Pacific

An in-depth study of resource use in the Asia-Pacific region over the past four decades has demonstrated that dramatic changes to the region’s energy generation and emissions output are needed if its nations are to avoid significant environmental degradation.

Launch: New Zealand Clean Energy Centre

A clean energy centre has recently been launched in New Zealand to facilitate the growth of renewable energy use across the country. Situated in a region that produces 75 per cent more clean energy than it uses, the centre is perfectly located to achieve this goal.

Benefiting from small-scale renewables

In a presentation that took place at the Renewable Energy World Asia Conference 2011 earlier this year, Maaike Gobel, Manager of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, discussed the organisation’s small-scale clean energy initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

Australia’s solar cooling potential

EcoGeneration’s Melanie Ryan spoke with Dr Stephen White, Chair of the Australian Solar Cooling Interest Group, to receive an update on the Group’s progress toward creating a ‘level playing field’ for solar cooling standards, regulations and funding arrangements in Australia.

Industry association news

As the clean energy industry bids farewell to a number of association leaders, it also welcomes new talent and an innovative new energy efficiency assessment tool.

Clean Energy Marketing Solutions at Great Southern Press

Great Southern Press is pleased to announce the creation of a new department to help clean energy industry businesses market themselves.

Great Southern Press opens new office in China

Publisher of EcoGeneration, Great Southern Press, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Qingdao, China.

Carbon pricing: a hot topic

The EcoGen 2011 Conference was the first major gathering of clean energy industry stakeholders since the announcement of the Federal Government’s carbon pricing plan earlier this year. EcoGeneration was on hand at the Conference to capture all of the political and economic analysis presented on carbon pricing.

EcoGen 2011 empowering the industry

Clean energy experts met with industry professionals and Australian and international exhibitors at the EcoGen 2011 Conference and Exhibition, held in Brisbane from 5–7 September, where the industry’s successes were celebrated and its future prospects debated.

The China story: a policy driven narrative

Dominic Adams, Norton Rose Law Firm

We are often barraged with the phenomenal numbers emanating from China in the clean energy space, whether those numbers concern installed generation capacity, dollars of investment, manufacture or intellectual property ownership figures.

Chilling with solar in the desert

As desert temperatures soar in the Middle East, Masdar City stays cool with one of the world’s largest solar thermal-driven cooling systems.

Five minutes with… Brian Callaghan, National Sales Manager, Solahart

Brian Callaghan has recently been promoted to the role of National Sales Manager for the Australian Business at Solahart. Prior to that, he held the position of National Business Development Manager at Solahart. Mr Callaghan also held management roles for Rinnai and Rheem before joining Solahart as State Manager for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory six years ago.

Solar cools Echuca

Victoria’s first solar thermal-assisted cooling project has recently been launched at the Echuca Regional Health Facility.

Challenges and opportunities for Australia’s green building industry

Tony Arnel, Chairman, Green Building Council of Australia

The buildings in which we live and work have an extraordinary impact on our lives and our environment. Our buildings are responsible for about a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and consume between 30 and 40 per cent of our global energy usage.

Cogeneration takes off at airport redevelopment

Cogeneration is a key component of an energy efficiency overhaul at Perth Airport in Western Australia, where a new terminal will soon be complete.

(Re)manufacturing efficiency

A study recently conducted by the Curtin University of Technology through its Centre of Excellence in Cleaner Production, in collaboration with compressor manufacturing company Recom Engineering, found that remanufacturing refrigeration and air conditioning compressors produced fewer emissions than manufacturing new ones.

Bright future for cleantech LED lightworks

Sunshine Coast-based LED Light Works – an energy efficient lighting business – is the latest company to join the growing hub of over 30 knowledge-based technology businesses supported by the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre.

Electrifying our transport future

The long-term future for Australia’s electric vehicle industry looks positive, but fraught with challenges, according to a report from energy consulting firm Energeia.

Electric vehicles powered with Federal funding

The Australian Federal Government has recently committed more than $8 million in funding to a number of initiatives aimed at assisting electric vehicle industry development, and its growing on-road presence.

Charging up the nation

The shift to electric vehicles, from their fossil fuel-reliant counterparts, is now more visible than ever as the first charge spots start to pop up across Australia.

Plugging into the electric vehicle market

Victoria is leading the charge to integrate households in the electric vehicle market with a four-year trial that allows home owners, renters and fleets to test-drive the transition to electric vehicle technology.

Up close with Zygmunt Nejman - General Manager of SMA Australia

SMA Australia is a subsidiary of the German-based SMA Solar Technology AG. Mr Nejman has been involved since the founding of SMA

Trojan battery launches high-capacity line for renewables

Trojan Battery Company has expanded its product offering with the launch of its new deep-cycle Industrial line of batteries for renewable energy applications.

SCHOTT Solar takes first place in 2010 Energy Yield Test

SCHOTT Solar AG was awarded first place in the 2010 Energy Yield Test conducted by TÜV Rheinland, for its SCHOTT PERFORM POLY 225 photovoltaic module.

SMA sales figures reflects global solar uptake

In the second quarter of 2011, SMA doubled its inverter output sales compared to that of the first three months of the year.

Solar ventilation to cool you down this summer

SolarVent keeps your building cooler, cleaner and healthier all year round by drawing fresh air in and lowering inside temperatures.

Industry greener for good with Solar Lord

The National Construction Code takes effect from May 2012 and will require buildings to have a 60 per cent reduction in energy usage in order to achieve a GreenStar Rating. Solar Lord believes this will have a significant impact at both the commercial and domestic ends of the solar hot water market.

Cogeneration King of the Castle

Castle Hill RSL Club’s C2K Aquatic Centre in Sydney is one of the city’s largest leisure, fitness and aquatic centres. The Castle Hill RSL Club identified the need to improve the energy efficiency of the aquatic centre in order to reduce current and projected energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

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