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November/December 2010

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EcoGen 2010 exceeds expectations

EcoGen 2010, Australia’s pre-eminent clean energy event, proved an outstanding success with over 1,000 clean energy leaders in attendance.

Clean energy means business

The clean energy industry’s leading businesses showcased the latest in clean tech products, services and solutions at the sold-out EcoGen 2010 Exhibition.

Milne inspires a united green front

On Tuesday 7 September, just hours before it was announced that the Labor Party was to remain in power, Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne took to the podium at EcoGen 2010. Senator Milne delivered a rousing speech about the need for the clean energy industry to unite and make the most of a minority government.

Will a carbon price drive Australian industry offshore?

At EcoGen 2010, Research Fellow with The Grattan Institute, Tristan Edis, briefed delegates on the impact of a carbon price on Australian industry.

EcoGen 2010 commends clean energy industry standouts

The EcoGen 2010 Clean Energy Awards recognised excellence, innovation and outstanding achievement in Australia’s clean energy industry, as judged by an independent panel of clean energy industry experts. The Awards, sponsored and presented by Eaton, were bestowed at the EcoGen 2010 Gala Dinner and Awards Night on Tuesday 7 September, sponsored by Clarke Energy.

Hydrogen launches at EcoGen 2010

by Attilio Pigneri, Executive Director (acting), Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy

The Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy was officially launched on 6 September, at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre at the end of the first day of EcoGen 2010.

EcoGen heads to Brisbane

EcoGen 2011 will be held from 4–7 September 2011 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, and promises to be bigger and better, to accommodate the clean energy industry’s rapid growth.

Powering through the PV roadmap targets

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

Trigeneration at The Ark

A 770 kilowatt trigeneration plant has helped North Sydney’s The Ark office building achieve a Greenstar energy rating of 6 stars.

Integrating solar PV on Cockatoo Island

A renewable energy installation in the heart of Sydney Harbour is integrating leading solar photovoltaic system technology with Australia’s cultural heritage, achieving maximum efficiencies and showcasing the benefits of solar solutions.

What’s your building’s IQ?

by Rachel Purchase

BuildingIQ is a new technology designed by CSIRO to reduce the greenhouse gases generated by heating and cooling commercial buildings. BuildingIQ controls a building’s heating and cooling system such that only what is necessary to achieve occupant thermal comfort is used. EcoGeneration finds out more about this new energy efficiency innovation.

Taking energy efficiency to the next level

As part of EcoGeneration’s feature on energy efficiency, Rachel Purchase spoke with the CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, Rob Murray-Leach. Mr Murray-Leach discussed some of the goals and achievements of the Energy Efficiency Council and shed light on the implementation of energy efficiency programs in the world of business.

A smart way to heat and cool

A unique system – the Smartbreeze system – has been developed to capture the radiant heated air under a tile or roof using either the heat to warm the building on a cool day, or purge the hot air from the roof on a hot day and provide cooler air at night when nocturnal cooling is required.

NABERS online

by Rachel Purchase

NABERS is developing the world’s first data centre energy efficiency rating tool. Data centres use a significant amount of energy to house, operate and maintain computer servers. NABERS hopes their rating tool, due for release in late 2011, will assist these centres in establishing more energy efficient processes.

Energy savings for aboriginal communities

Horizon Power is set to launch an energy-efficiency housing refit project, known as the Energy Efficiency Program, in five Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Concentrated solar power fluid handling solutions

by Matthew Thompson BEng (Hons), Renroc Group Pumps and Engineering

The pumps used to circulate the heat transfer fluid around the solar field are a key component of a concentrated solar power plant, and sealless pumps provide a unique solution to the many problems the solar industry has encountered.

Comparing and contrasting solar hot water systems

Currently in Australia, split-system and roof mounted solar hot water systems are the most popular alternative to gas and electric water heating systems. While the financial and environmental benefits of using solar hot water heating systems are many (see the solar hot water report on page 88), when selecting a system, there are a few things to consider.

The real benefits of solar hot water

by Rachel Purchase

Each week, Prem Pankckar, Project Manager of Renewables and Distributed Energy at Sustainability Victoria, generates a report detailing the financial savings and emissions reductions Melbournian’s could have achieved through the use of solar hot water systems. EcoGeneration asked Mr Panickar to produce such a report for a twelve month period. The results highlight the fiscal and environmental benefits of using the sun to heat water.

Solar hot water systems in Australia

by Tim Ielasi, National Sales Manager, Ozroll Industries Pty Ltd

Solar hot water has changed considerably in recent years, although the traditional thermosyphon systems (solar collectors and storage tank installed on the roof) remain a good economical option for many domestic and commercial applications. However a number of federal and state rebate schemes have seen the emergence of the split systems (roof mounted solar collectors with a storage tank on the ground) and heat pumps emerge as viable alternatives.

SCHOTT solar presents champion multicrystalline module

German solar manufacturer SCHOTT Solar has developed a new technique that will allow for high-performance multicrystalline solar cells to be manufactured on a large-scale industrial basis.

MPower and CNPV Solar Power SA team up

CNPV Solar Power SA, a public limited liability company organised under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, has entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with MPower, a leading Australian supplier of renewable energy products, with over 15 years experience in the renewable energy sector.

Bromelton biogas to electricity

Grid connected, bioenergy, Queensland

The site produces high load organic waste as a by-product of its production process.

Up close with Professor Armin Aberle

The Deputy CEO of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore and the Director of its Silicon Photovoltaics Cluster, Professor Armin Aberle has had a significant impact on the field of photovoltaics throughout his career.

To market, to market

by Rachel Purchase

EcoGeneration takes a look at how a clean energy idea can be converted into a commercially viable clean energy reality.

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