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July/August 2010

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REC market update

Marco Stella, Environmental Broker, Next Generation Energy Solutions.

Ironing out the RET

The proportion of total generation contributed by renewable generation is expected to increase under the proposed changes to the Renewable Energy Target, a report by McLennan Magasanik Associates has found.

And then there were eight…

Erin Radford and Rachel Purchase.

The field narrows as the shortlist for the Solar Flagships program is announced – with billions of Federal dollars on the table, solar energy production is as worthwhile as ever. Erin Radford and Rachel Purchase report.

Alice Springs Airport Solar Power Station Project

The Alice Springs Airport Solar Power Station is the second of five large-scale projects undertaken as part of the Alice Solar City program.

Solar manufacture resurrected down under

Rachel Purchase

What was potentially a major loss for Australia’s solar industry has turned into a victory as SilexSolar re-opens the nation’s only solar photovoltaic manufacturing plant, in Homebush, Sydney. Rachel Purchase reports.

Solar PV soars globally

Solar photovoltaic installations soared globally in the past twelve months, with a record high of 7.2 gigawatts in 2009, bringing the total capacity to over 22 gigawatts worldwide.

Funding for Australia’s solar research

The newest round of The Australian Solar Institute’s funding, announced on 11 May 2010, provided five of Australia’s solar research projects with grants worth a total of $18.45 million.

SunPower looks back on 25 years

A key figure in the global solar power market, SunPower is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. EcoGeneration looks at the development and achievements of this ground-breaking company.

Solar knowledge in the desert

Inverters continue to be a critical component of solar power systems and a key decision for consumers when investing in renewable energy. SMA’s inverters are currently being put to the test in the heat of Australia’s red centre.

Emerging commercial solar technologies

Dr Justin Blows

The price of solar power generation is falling rapidly, and some commentators believe that when grid parity is achieved, the demand for solar power may well exceed supply. Dr Justin Blows looks at emerging solar technologies that are set to push down costs even further.

Pairing green technologies

Technological advancements are leading to the improved performance of renewable energy systems. Stiebel Eltron Australia Technical Manager Raniero Guarnieri discusses how combining complementary sustainable technologies can leverage as-yet untapped efficiencies from these systems.

Success in the renewable energy industry

Lucy Rochlin and Amy Marnie

R Chandrasekar (Chandra) came into the renewable energy game only a relatively short time ago, but already he has witnessed revolutionary change. Now CEO of the UK headquartered IT Power Group, he shared his wealth of global business expertise with EcoGeneration during his last visit to Australia. Lucy Rochlin and Amy Marnie report.

The CPRS is on hold – what is an engineer to do?

Now that the Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is on hold, it may be tempting for business to think that climate change and sustainability can remain in the ‘too hard basket’ for the foreseeable future. In a preview of an article in the launch edition of EcoGeneration Premium, Dominique La Fontaine argues that businesses are exposed to considerable risk if they fail to participate in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Gas and renewables – partnering for a cleaner future

While natural gas and renewable energy sources are competitors in a changing energy generation market, a number of gas industry heavyweights have suggested that natural gas is also the perfect conventional energy candidate for supporting the development of renewable energy generation. EcoGeneration reviews the debate and the examines future for gas and renewable power partnerships.

Owen Springs to spring into action

Power and Water Corporation’s 33 megawatt Owen Springs Power Station, located in the Northern Territory, is set to become one of the highest efficiency open-cycle gas power plants in Australia, as the first of three engines arrives onsite.

Energy from biomass – conversion technologies of today and tomorrow

by Juergen Peterseim, Prof Dr-Ing Udo Hellwig, Peter Pledge and Rhys Tucker

Biomass gasification, the not-so-well-known brother to biomass combustion, can play a key role in the clean energy generation portfolio. ERK and Uhde Shedden explore what makes gasification the greener and less risky option.

Sydney Town Hall Solar Project

Grid connected, solar PV, New South Wales

Up close with Jan Gasche

Jan Gasche brings his expertise in the global and Chinese wind industries to the table as REpower Australia’s Managing Director.

Enerflex flexes its cogeneration capabilities

Enerflex has been a specialist in the area of cogeneration (combined heat and power) for over 40 years. The company’s cogeneration plants are used in greenhouse, industrial and utility applications.

Pelamis Wave Power powers up in North Portugal

Having celebrated the successful trial of its P-750 Wave Energy Converter in Aguçadoura, North Portugal, Pelamis Wave Power is now marketing their technology for commercial use worldwide. Here EcoGeneration takes a look at the Aguçadoura trial and the technology utilised by Pelamis Wave Power.

Securing energy supply in the resource-rich northwest of WA

The resource-rich Pilbara region in Western Australia is one of the nation’s powerhouses and demand for power in the region will continue to grow at a rapid rate. Through its Pilbara Energy Plan, Horizon Power is focused on improving the security of power supplies to this region to ensure its long-term economic viability.

Clean Energy Council National Conference

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) National Conference, which took place from 3–5 May at the Adelaide Convention Centre, brought together delegates from across the country to hear the latest developments from the emerging clean energy landscape in Australia and internationally.

Marine energy in New Zealand

New Zealand is at the forefront of marine energy development in the Pacific, with five projects under development that will harness the power of the sea to produce electricity, writes Chris Turver.

Ocean power – Australia rides the waves

Water covers over 70 per cent of the Earth, and Australia is particularly lucky to be surrounded by a lot of it. However, the ocean power available down under remains a largely unharnessed resource. Rachel Purchase reports.

Ocean power experts

As part of the Australia ocean power review, EcoGeneration spoke with three experts in Australia’s ocean power industry to find out what’s driving the industry and where it’s headed.

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