“People are not buying electricity storage hardware; they’re buying empowerment and transparency,” Reposit Power Co-Founder Dean Spaccavento said earlier this year. EcoGeneration has a chat with Mr Spaccavento about how Reposit Power’s ‘GridCredits’ technology is revolutionising the energy market.

Q&A: Anthony Roberts, NSW Energy Minister

The NSW Government has said it wants the Premier State to be number one for clean energy in Australia. EcoGeneration talks to Anthony Roberts, NSW Minister for Industry, Resources and...

States and territories are doing it for themselves

States and territories took matters into their own hands earlier this year when they came together to lead the national effort on climate change and large-scale renewables. EcoGeneration talks to...

Consumer the king in battery storage

The battery storage revolution is at the forefront of renewable energy’s meteoric rise. EcoGeneration talks to one of Australia’s foremost energy storage experts – Dr Sam Behrens, Group Leader for the Demand Side Energy Technologies research group in CSIRO’s Energy Flagship – about what it is like working in one of the most talked about industries in the world.

Vast resources, few jobs: where to from here?

Australia doesn’t make the world’s top 10 renewable energy employers, despite having an interminable array of renewable resources. However, the newly revised 33,000 GWh renewable energy target (RET) spells positive...

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