EcoGeneration talks to NSW Renewable Energy Advocate Amy Kean about what she has done to make NSW a more attractive realm for investors.

From the Editor

The spotlight is on energy retailers AGL and Origin in this edition – are they really serious about renewables, or has their recent talk been a matter of public image...

News in brief

The latest industry-related updates.

The time has come for Australia’s states and territories to take centrestage

With bipartisanship restored to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET), it is time for the country’s states and territories to look at policies that will attract...

Industry readies for action at Australian Clean Energy Summit 2015

ACT’s second large-scale wind auction and the release of a report outlining innovative benefit sharing mechanisms in the wind industry were a few of the exciting developments to come out...

State energy efficiency schemes: The quiet achievers in reducing carbon emissions

State-based energy efficiency schemes are making a material contribution to reducing energy consumption and lowering Australia’s greenhouse emissions.

Local PV software gains currency with global manufacturers

In the world of solar cells,...

What does it take to be a solar PV researcher?

Having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, researcher Rhett Evans has seen solar PV grow from a niche technology into one of the world’s leading renewable energy technologies.

Generators of change

The big energy retailers like to promote their eco credentials but just how serious are they about clean energy? EcoGeneration’s Anthony Holden speaks to Australia’s two biggest generator/retailers, AGL and...

Why TransGrid's iDemand project is unlike anything before it

It’s no mean feat to design an electricity demand management system that incorporates battery storage, solar panels, energy efficient lighting and research capabilities. EcoGeneration profiles the hybrid iDemand project and...

Community renewables: the next megatrend

Community renewables projects are delivering tangible benefits. Energy industry veteran Volker Beckers outlines why this model has worked in Europe, and why it will in Australia.

Which way forward for the Australian wind industry?

Despite continuing political uncertainty, wind farm projects have surged ahead in the aftermath of the RET resolution. EcoGeneration Associate Editor Sonia Nair talks to key players in the wind sector...

Obtaining the social licence to operate

Recent attacks on the wind sector from the most senior levels of government mean that effective community engagement is more important than ever. EcoGeneration Associate Editor Sonia Nair finds out...

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