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January/February 2012

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EcoGeneration recognised at publishing awards

EcoGeneration was a finalist in two categories at the prestigious Publishers Australia Excellence Awards in Sydney, recognised alongside leading titles Wheels and marie claire.

Clean Energy Council says goodbye to Matthew Warren

by Isabella Andres

Matthew Warren is the outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the Clean Energy Council, a position he has held since 2008. At the end of 2011 he took on a new role as Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Supply Association of Australia. EcoGeneration learns about Mr Warren’s time at the Clean Energy Council and his new role.

Testing solar module quality

by Dr Oliver Hartley, Managing Director of Q-Cells Australia

With a plethora of solar modules available on the market, investors, installers and end-customers have more choice than ever before.

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions on the rise

pitt&sherry, authors of a quarterly report detailing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, have found that since December 2010, while Australia's carbon emissions levels remained relatively static for some months, they are now increasing.

How to effectively market your business in the clean energy industry

The high penetration rates and heavy use of the internet in Australia has led to a proliferation of new types of marketing tools that are the perfect complement to traditional marketing.

The darling of trigeneration

The Darling Quarter project in Sydney will see distributed trigeneration technology powering a new commercial building and nearby recreational spaces.

Switching on to the next generation of energy

Property group Investa and energy retailer Origin have completed the precinct-based trigeneration system at the Coca-Cola Place in North Sydney, and Deutsche Bank Place; a first step for the solution to be implemented on buildings within the same distribution network.

Trigeneration for the kids

The recently opened Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne is Australia’s greenest hospital. Just one of the features contributing to this proud status is the Cummins trigeneration power plant housed by the hospital.

Wind farm policy changes blowing a gale

Victoria and South Australia have recently reformed their policies on the construction of wind farms.

Goldwind connects to Australian grid

Wind turbine manufacturer Goldwind has signed connection agreements with electricity provider Powercor Australia to connect 13 Goldwind 1.5 megawatt turbines to the Australian grid.

Groundbreaking success at AGEC

The 2011 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference recently took place in Melbourne, bringing together both national and international industry leaders and experts to discuss geothermal potential, policy and projects in Australia, and overseas.

World-leading Denmark

A staggering 25 per cent of Denmark’s total electricity consumption comes from wind power, and its sights are set on 50 per cent by 2020. So what can Australia learn from the Danish example? Lucy Rochlin reports from Copenhagen.

An electrifying day for energy efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Council National Conference 2011 was a day of stirring debate and discussion, focusing on the gains to be made under Australia’s new carbon pricing scheme as well as the overhaul needed for the nation’s electricity grid.

Quiet as a Whisper

The Eco Whisper Turbine, recently released by Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Limited, is believed to be the world’s quietest 20 kilowatt wind turbine.

Bioenergy Australia 2011 Conference

Bioenergy Australia has germinated the new seeds of bioenergy projects and developments at its 12th annual conference, titled ‘Towards 2020 – growing our sustainable future’.

EcoGeneration Clean Energy Seminar Series

Following the success of the EcoGen 2011 Clean Energy Industry Briefing and Networking series, EcoGeneration presents a series of one-day seminars to bring Australian businesses and leaders in energy policy together

State of Green - Join the future. Think Denmark.

Over 200 Australian business professionals and government representatives looking for inspiration and new partnerships with Danish companies attended the State of Green business conference in Melbourne and Sydney in late November 2011.

Solar2011 Conference

Solar energy experts joined policymakers, scientists and energy industry professionals in Sydney during December 2011 for the annual Australian Solar Energy Society Conference – Solar2011.

Gemasolar power plant sparkles in Spain

Torresol Energy, a joint venture between Masdar – an Abu Dhabi-based future energy and clean technology company, and SENER Engineering and Systems – a Spanish engineering and construction company – have recently commissioned the Gemasolar concentrated solar power plant, located in Fuentes de Andalucía in Spain.

New World Energy takes on new ventures

John Libby, Managing Director of New World Energy Limited, discusses the company’s geothermal interests in Western Australia and the Philippines, and expounds on the company’s plans for the future.

Greenearth to plant new power project

Greenearth Energy has signed a funding agreement with the Victorian Government for the company's proposed 140 megawatt Geelong Geothermal Power Project.

Financing the clean energy future

Melanie Ryan

Julian Turecek, Honorary Fellow in Carbon Finance at Macquarie University’s Applied Finance Centre, explains how fresh policy settings designed to encourage investment in clean energy could lead to a new era in funding for projects and technologies.

Emerging funds for renewable energy

Renewable energy technology development will receive financial support in the 2011–12 Federal Budget as part of the new $100 million Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund.

Investing in renewables in Australia

Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive Officer of the Investor Group on Climate Change, discusses the latest in Australian clean energy investment trends.

Keep on truckin’ with LNG

Stephanie Chan

Natural gas is recognised as a clean-burning fuel to bridge the gap between coal-fired power generation and renewable energy. Here, Gas Today looks at three companies which have explored and implemented ways of using LNG domestically as a transport fuel to lower operational emissions.

Aussie-made inverters updated

Australian inverter manufacturer Latronics – in conjunction with a number of Australian energy supply companies – has updated its range of ‘PV Edge’ grid connect inverters with enhanced grid compatibility.

REDSET goes local

REDSET – an Australian renewable energy products and services provider – has targeted Townsville as the most recent location of its expanding network of warehouses all over Australia.

Keeping solar hot water smart and simple

Solar Lord’s UTube solar hot water system’s unique design allows for users to maximise their solar gain.

Direct-use geothermal simulation software launched

From Valentin Software, manufacturers of software for the renewable energy sector, comes GeoT*SOL basic 1.0, a new dynamic simulation program for the design and planning of heat pumps.

Up close with David McCallum - General Manger, Conergy Australia

David McCallum has been with Conergy Australia since its founding in 2006. After working in commercial finance for 13 years, Mr McCallum moved to the solar industry in 2000. Mr McCallum is also Alternative Director for the Clean Energy Council.

Solar reaches for the sky

Atop the Ullrich Aluminium manufacturing facility in Hume, located 15 km south of Canberra, Energy Matters has installed Australia’s first solar system under a roof-leasing scheme.

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