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January/February 2011

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Blowing a gale in South Australia

Wind, wonderful wind, is playing a big part in blowing an economically successful and socially acceptable climate-changing gale throughout South Australia. Mike Pilkington reports.

Waterloo Wind Farm, a Roaring 40s success

In late 2010, wind development company Roaring 40s completed construction on the Waterloo Wind Farm near the Clare Valley in South Australia.

Communities embark on clean energy path

Construction has commenced at Australia’s first community-owned wind farm in Victoria. Going first has meant a long, hard road for the team behind the project, but now many other communities around Australia are asking how it was done. Embark’s Alicia Webb reports.

Combet’s climate aspirations

In his new role as Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Hon. Greg Combet has a challenging time ahead in establishing an effective climate change policy for Australia. Sally Commins reports.

Solar no longer a bonus in New South Wales?

by Rachel Purchase

In late October 2010, the New South Wales Government reduced its solar feed-in tariff by almost 70 per cent, causing outcry within the solar community.

(Re)Introducing the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

The Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association has changed its name to the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia. EcoGeneration’s Rachel Purchase spoke with Prof. Ray Wills, CEO of the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia, about the impetus for the name change, and what it means for the Association’s future.

Best Practice makes perfect sense to Australian solar industry

Approximately 130,000 Federally-funded solar systems have been installed across Australia. A small number of these installations do not meet the high standards of the Australian solar industry at large. EcoGeneration’s Rachel Purchase finds out about the action the solar industry is taking to protect its good name.

Read EcoGeneration’s no.1 magazine article: Solar at play in Sydney

Sydney Theatre Company recently launched one of the largest solar rooftop photovoltaic arrays in Australia, bringing new energy to a Sydney landmark and world-renowned stage.

Trigeneration on Rooty Hill

Rooty Hill RSL in Western Sydney, Australia’s largest RSL club, has installed an 1,000 kilowatt trigeneration system.

Sustainability through trigeneration

Cogent Energy has designed and installed a state-of-the-art trigeneration plant at a refurbished Melbourne office building, making it one of Victoria’s most sustainable buildings.

Toyota switches to trigen

A new trigeneration plant will soon be commissioned at Toyota Australia's corporate headquarters in Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Sydney’s trigeneration aspirations

The City of Sydney has embarked upon an ambitious plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent by 2030, compared with 2006 levels. Trigeneration is intended to play a major role in the achievement of this goal.

Connect with the industry at ECOGEN 2011

Building on years of experience and dedication to the clean energy industry through EcoGeneration magazine, EcoGen 2011 will offer those involved an interactive industry forum to promote clean energy solutions, and gain valuable knowledge from the industry’s best thinkers.

Bioenergy powers on at Manly

by Sally Commins

The 2010 Bioenergy Conference was this year held in Manly, New South Wales, and played host to over 250 delegates and local and international presenters.

Energy efficiency –  paving the way

by Rachel Purchase

Energy efficiency is the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions – such was the catchcry at the 2010 Energy Efficiency Council National Conference.

Solar capital attracts industry’s finest

The 48th annual Australian Solar Energy Society Conference was held this year from the 1–3 December 2010 at the Australian National University in Canberra, the ‘solar energy capital’ of Australia. EcoGeneration's Sally Commins reports.

2nd National Smart Grids Forum

In November 2010, the 2nd National Smart Grids Forum was held in Sydney. The event featured EnergyAustralia and AGL, the two companies leading the Smart Grid, Smart City demonstration program.

Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference 2010

The Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference, held in Delhi from 27–29 October 2010, was the fourth International Renewable Energy policy development conference since 2004, attracting approximately 9,000 attendees over three days. Andrew Lang attended the conference.

GRANEX: a new class of electricity generation

GRANEX, a novel heat engine designed for electricity generation from low to medium-heat sources, has been developed by Professor Behdad Moghtaderi and Dr Elham Doroodchi of the University of Newcastle.

Digging deep into the legalities of geothermal energy production

A checklist that guides geothermal developers through the major legal approvals has been devised by Adelaide commercial law firm Finlaysons. EcoGeneration’s Rachel Purchase spoke with Kyra Reznikov, a Senior Associate with Finlaysons, about the content of the checklist, and why the geothermal industry needs it.

Geothermal heats up in Adelaide

The Australian Geothermal Energy Conference held from 16–19 November 2010 drew over 260 attendees to the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Geothermal opportunities lie just beneath the surface

At a time when geothermal drilling programs in Australia are still waiting to secure adequate investment and funding, direct-use of geothermal heat and ground-source heat pumps provide an attractive alternative for the development of geothermal industry in Australia.

Overcoming finance hurdles for geothermal

by Mathew Herring, KPMG Partner

Accessing finance is arguably the most significant barrier to the development of the geothermal sector in Australia. Investors are simply not prepared to provide funds until project risk is reduced and geothermal becomes more economically viable. It’s a major challenge that requires a completely new mindset within the industry and confronting tough decisions along the way.

Up close with Samuel Tumiwa

As Principal Planning and Co-ordination Specialist of the Regional and Sustainable Development Department for the Asian Development Bank, Samuel Tumiwa has had over 15 years of professional experience in handling energy and environmental issues in developing countries.

Enerflex to set up shop in Queensland

Over the next several months Enerflex will be completing its transition into two new operational facilities in Queensland, at Eagle Farm and Roma. Both facilities will offer product sales, support, and spares services. Enerflex’s facilities in Sydney and Perth will remain operating as usual.

Monitoring loads with a Sunny peace of mind

Whether a plant is a small residential system or a medium-sized commercial system for an office or school, to best monitor plant performance, solar photovoltaic professionals need ready and up-to-date information that’s within reach on- and offsite.

Solar Shop Australia introduces Bosch panels to its product range

Individuals looking to install premium quality solar power will welcome the addition of Bosch to the range of panels available from Solar Shop Australia; one of the country’s leading solar power providers.

Quantum Power biogas to electricity project

Another successful biogas to electricity installation has been completed by Quantum Power Ltd in Beaudesert, Queensland.

Project Profile: Hubbards Foods Solar Array

Grid-connected, solar, New Zealand

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